No bale-out for dishonest borrowers and dishonest lenders

April 2, 2008 at 4:09 pm Leave a comment

The real estate and credit markets are in a terrible mess because of dishonest borrowers and dishonest lenders.  Lets be totally honest here, if the people who could not make the loans payments hadn’t signed on the loan none of this would have happened.  If the banks hadn’t given people that couldn’t repay the loans the loan none of this would have happened.  Oh I know there was some fraud, some dishonesty, but where is personal responsibility in this equation?  It is nowhere to be found.  Politicians, borrowers and the banks all want the people who didn’t make bad decisions and didn’t act in a dishonest way to bale-out those who did.  How much are we talking about?  It could be well over $300 billion.  A typical example of someone in foreclosure is as follows:  the person didn’t have to prove their income or that they could repay the loan; they got 100% financing; the seller paid all their closing costs; the loan costs were put into the loan; they have none of their own money in the property.  The borrowers knew or should have known they could not make the payments and now they want you and me to give them hundreds of thousands of dollars each so they don’t lose their home; the home they couldn’t afford in the first place.   It is sad to see them on TV, crying about having to move out of a home they always dreamed of having, but that’s life.  You make bad decisions and you suffer the consequences.  A small percentage of those in foreclosure are there for the traditional reasons; they lost their job; death in the family; divorce and illness.  But the vast majority of those now in foreclosure and who will go into foreclosure over the coming years are there because they were dishonest about their ability to repay the debt.  They knew or should have known they could not make the payments and they signed on the loan anyway.  No one held a gun to their head.  No one forced them to sign a document committing to make payments.  They did this to themselves.    My neighbor asked about the little old lady that refinanced her home three times and is now forced to go and live in a nursing home.  Yes this is tragic.  The lenders were calling her ten times per day, he told me.  My answer is simple; she should have hung up the phone each time.  The lenders would have moved on.  In fact, many tens of thousands of home owners did just that and the phone calls stopped. If we bale-out these dishonest borrowers and lenders where does it stop?  Life is about making good decisions and suffering the consequences for bad ones.  No bale-out for the dishonest borrowers and lenders.  


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